Derby Madness
Derby Madness
Derby Madness offers a unique real time simulated driving experience with full of actions such as pile ups, crashes, overthrows, push outs, spin outs, slaloms and destructions. Derby Madness is the sequel to Bus Derby. If you liked Bus Derby, you will love Derby Madness.
Key features
  • * Unique gameplay with many actions and crashes - fast and hard actions with push outs, spin outs, overthrows and pile ups - real time simulated car deformations and crashes - with skill tests and destruction series - a lot of cars in one race (up to 32)
  • * Many locations with different tracks
  • * Wide variety of upgradeable and customizable cars to choose from - old cars, big cars, fast cars - customize your vehicle with unique paintings - upgrade your car for better performance and longer durabilty
  • * 8 game modes, such as - single races - destruction series - skill series - tournaments
  • * 5 achievable difficulty levels with different events
Available on
iPhone & iPad
iPhone & iPad
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